Virtual Build & BoltTM

Validate your modular build and be confident that all modules will bolt up perfectly

In an economic climate where budgets are controlled as tightly as the workings of a Swiss watch, Dimensional Engineering’s Virtual Build & Bolt process lets you validate your modular build upfront and reduce the risk of costly design errors.

virtual build and bolt platform

With Virtual Build & Bolt, we will help you certify the designs of various modules built in different locations, sometimes on opposite sides of the world. This certification process ensures that the final assembly can be delivered and assembled with confidence that all modules will fit into place without modifications.

How Virtual Build & Bolt Works

Combining our non-contact laser scanning and laser tracking technologies, we can obtain a 360-degree digital data capture of an entire plant facility or modular build for offsite review. This gives you a highly precise picture – what we call our “3D Smart View” – for quickly verifying a module’s design without distraction to the actual build effort. We can help you verify multiple modules being built in different locations.

Our Virtual Build & Bolt process can help you:

  • Save time. Dimensional Engineering has a proven record for converting months into weeks and weeks into days in verifying modular builds for major projects.
  • Cut costs. By enabling clients to discover and correct errors upfront, we have saved them the literally millions of dollars these errors could have cost in build delays.
  • Increase traceability. Electronic 3D documentation creates a highly accurate, up-to-date, as-built, 3D point cloud of the entire project.
  • Improve safety. All data needed can be collected on the ground – or, in the case of a floating facility, on the deck. Scaffolding and harnesses are normally not required.

Our Technology Toolbox

Whatever tools it takes, we will expertly apply them to help you meet your critical design and production engineering needs. Dimensional Engineering’s solution partners include FARO Technologies and InnovMetric Software – providers of best-in-class hardware and software to complement our own specialized services.

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