Design Validation & Certification

Provide second-party proof of the high-performance integrity of your mechanical designs

Some clients call upon Dimensional Engineering to serve as an auditing supplier in the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP). We have, for example, provided leading manufacturers in the energy and automotive industries with second-party validation and certification of key production tools and parts. Our process often involves digitally scanning and analyzing a healthy sampling of parts to help ensure their operational integrity.

Projecting When Parts Will Fail

turbine skidDimensional Engineering can help you turn the typically “passive” process of quality control into a far more “proactive” approach that anticipates potential production problems and helps you correct them before they put your product’s quality at risk.

Recently a client had us analyze the tools used to produce steam turbines in one of their plants. These tools absorb an immense amount of wear and tear in the production process. We used 3D digital data capture to time-stamp the tools’ condition at various stages as production progressed. The client can now project with a high degree of accuracy when new tools will be needed, based on the production levels as they rise and fall.



Our Technology Toolbox

Whatever tools it takes, we will expertly apply them to help you meet your critical design and production engineering needs. Dimensional Engineering’s solution partners include FARO Technologies and InnovMetric Software – providers of best-in-class hardware and software to complement our own specialized services.

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"Dimensional Engineering staff was not only knowledgeable about our manufacturing launch needs but very professional and extremely supportive with their services. Dimensional took an active role in working through the problem solving and root cause analysis process with us on every project we put them on."

– Shelly Hlifka, General Motors

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