Root Cause Analysis

Investigate causes and find solutions for failures in machines, tools, and parts

pickup bed problemsWhen there is a problem with a production tool or part, the effects can ripple all the way through the build process and result in stoppages – or, worse, a faulty product. Often, when a product gets recalled or brought back by dissatisfied customers for repairs or refunds, the root cause can be traced back to an avoidable build issue on the plant floor.

Dimensional Engineering is expert in applying the tools and methods of 3D digital data capture for root cause analysis. We will quickly gain a thorough grasp of your production process, collect the modeling and simulation data needed, and zero in on the source of the problem. Then we will recommend the necessary actions to be taken – whether to your tool, part, or process – and help you implement them effectively.


Our Technology Toolbox

Whatever tools it takes, we will expertly apply them to help you meet your critical design and production engineering needs. Dimensional Engineering’s solution partners include FARO Technologies and InnovMetric Software – providers of best-in-class hardware and software to complement our own specialized services.

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Featured Project

Retrofit Defense Flare System to Aircraft

This project entailed scanning an aircraft from the wings trailing edge to tail cone and from the forward hatch to the nose cone.

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