Reverse Engineering

Capture and analyze 3D digital data from physical machines, tools, and parts

sw collageDimensional Engineering can help you bridge the gap between the physical and virtual worlds. We pioneered the use of non-contact laser scanning and laser tracking technologies for reverse engineering, and we continue to lead the field. We apply the latest hardware and software, along with our unmatched experience and expertise, to capture physical objects of all kinds in 3D digital data.

Any Product or Part, Any Size or Complexity

Using the latest non-contact laser scanning and tracking equipment, we can produce highly accurate digitized surface mapping of practically any product or part, regardless of its complexity. Our reverse engineering process is scalable from an object as small as the cell phone in your pocket to a structure as large as a full-size aircraft.

You Get the Tools and the Talent

Having the best tools for reverse engineering is only part of the Dimensional Engineering advantage. Our value to you comes from knowing precisely how to implement the technology to achieve optimum results. Our team brings more than just hardware and software to your site; we also bring our in-depth know-how gained from decades of background in a variety of industries and product specialties. We have reverse-engineered everything from turbine engine components to complete vehicles.

CAD Models of the Highest Precision

Our methods of 3D digital data capture and post-processing of data produce high-quality CAD models that you can use for further engineering development. Our process ensures utmost precision with fast turnaround.

Data Acquisition Technologysw model

  • Non-Contact Laser Scanner
  • Photogrammetry
  • Laser Tracker
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

Reverse Engineering Deliverables

  • CAD Models
  • Solid Models
  • STL Models
  • Other Client-Specified Models

Virtual Assembly

  • Digital Mock-Up
  • Full Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies
  • Build Analyses




Our Technology Toolbox

Whatever tools it takes, we will expertly apply them to help you meet your critical design and production engineering needs. Dimensional Engineering’s solution partners include FARO Technologies and InnovMetric Software – providers of best-in-class hardware and software to complement our own specialized services.

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Featured Project

Truck Cab

This project entailed first scanning the truck cab. The scan data was then post-processed to a full scale reversed engineered CAD model.

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