Digital Archiving

Cut costs and manage risk by creating virtual master models of production tools and parts

There are three main reasons to consider digitally archiving the master models of your production tools, parts, and products:digital archiving

  • To manage risk. What if a facility storing your physical master models or the original 2D engineering drawings was wiped out by a fire, flood, or tornado? Having digital master models securely stored on regularly backed-up computers can reduce or even eliminate this risk.
  • To cut costs. Think how much you can reduce the expense of storage if your master models are primarily maintained digitally instead of physically.
  • To free up resources. Some companies have converted the space no longer needed for physical storage of mater models into more productive manufacturing and administrative facilities.

Dimensional Engineering has the experience and expertise to help you meet your digital archiving needs. We will digitize your models with the latest and best laser scanning equipment, collect all digital data needed, and create complete CAD assemblies for your ongoing reference and use.

Digital archiving has preserved master models for everything from major manufacturers of automobiles and aircraft to medical and dental offices needing to retain virtual casts of their patients’ bodily parts.

Critical Success Factors in Risk Management

  • Data Acquisition and Archival Plan
  • Object Recovery Plan
  • Legacy Tool Preservation

Our Technology Toolbox

Whatever tools it takes, we will expertly apply them to help you meet your critical design and production engineering needs. Dimensional Engineering’s solution partners include FARO Technologies and InnovMetric Software – providers of best-in-class hardware and software to complement our own specialized services.

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